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Wilbers LDC Nivomat Shocks – Always the Right Level with Maximum Comfort!

Self Leveling Shocks for Harley and BMW

The Wilbers LDC in detail

  • The Wilbers LDC shock absorber incorporates a fully automatic hydropneumatic leveling system which matches the well-known technology in the ZF Nivomat system.
  • The rider does not need to manually adjust anything in this system.
  • The main advantage of the Wilbers LDC is its unique combination of the self-leveling function and the progressive behaviour of the spring rate and the damping action.
  • The leveling, the adjustment of the damping and the spring rate are all housed in one unit. Activation and control of the unit happens mechanically and hydraulically.
  • The Wilbers LDC is activated and ready to go from the start.

This video shows how the shock automatically pumps itself back up to adjust for the weight of the passenger. The captions are in German, but you can clearly see how it works.

The principle

  1. The vehicle drops to a pre-defined level once the rider has gotten on.
  2. The vehicle is outside of the pre-defined level after extra weight (Pillion/ Luggage) is added.
  3. After driving a distance of approx. 300 meters the vehicle raises into the pre-defined level.

How it works

  1. The LDC Nivomat system is pre-set in a way so that it reaches the pre-defined position for solo use immediately. This is approx. 1/3 of the total spring travel distance. In this condition the system offers a reduced spring rate and damping compared to a conventional shock absorber. Maximum comfort is offered for solo riders without swaying.
  2. The addition of a passenger and/or luggage causes the vehicle to sink and negatively effects the vehicle geometry. In this case it would normally be necessary to preload the spring in a “standard” shock absorber, but often only the overall level is adjusted. The necessary adjustment of the spring rate cannot take place.
  3. After driving a distance of approx. 300m with a pilot, passenger and/or luggage, the LDC shock raises the vehicle back to the pre-defined level. The inner pump rod has pumped oil from the low-pressure to the high-pressure chamber. Due to the increased high pressure, the vehicle is lifted to the pre-defined level. At the same time the spring rate adapts to the load.

A level position, the vehicle geometry, spring rates and damping are all kept constant during the entire ride, ensuring maximum comfort and driving safety.

This is a longer video that shows the installation process and a test ride and review of the LDC shocks by Matt Laidlaw of HD Laidlaw in Lousiana.

What is the LDC Nivomat?

The LDC shock absorber consists of two separate oil chambers, one broad piston rod, a mechanical pump with a pressure valve and a short external suspension spring.

With the oil chambers, a distinction is made between the external low-pressure and the internal gas-assisted high pressure chamber. When weight is put on the shock, the rod automatically pumps the oil from the low- into the high-pressure chamber. At the same time the piston rod is pushed out of the damper! This pumping process takes only as long as it takes the bike to balance. The shock absorber settles to the correct level after driving about 1000 feet.

The low-pressure-chamber is located on the outside, the high-pressure-chamber on the inside. When extra load is applied to the bike, the rod pumps oil from the middle of the low-pressure-chamber to the high-pressure-chamber – the shaft rebounds and the spring rate increases progressively.

With the LDC Nivomat Twin Shock system, the system functions are divided into two individual components. The Ecoline shock absorber is equipped with a spiral steel spring and takes over part of the overall damping. The Nivomat provides the level control and adjusts the spring rate and the additional, variable damping required depending on the load. The rider doesn’t need to manually adjust anything.

This is why the two shocks look different in the twin shock set up.  But if you have a bagger, then no one can see that they are different.  And if you don’t have a bagger, then it can be an interesting topic of discussion with your riding buddies.  There is also a single shock option for monoshock bikes.


Wilbers LDC Nivomat Suspension

  • Constant seat height, changes in weight and luggage have no effect.
  • Complete use of the full suspension travel, regardless of load.
  • Consistent geometry which isn’t effected by weight or luggage.
  • The Wilbers LDC always reverts back to the pre-defined level and ensures the best ground clearance and cornering clearance.
  • LDC Shocks have an additional gas spring with a progressive curve. This adapts automatically to the load within the first 1000 feet of riding and always offers an optimal spring rate and damping. You don’t need to manually adjust anything.

Conventional Shock Absorber

  • Seat height changes depending on weight of rider(s) and luggage.
  • Reduced spring travel, depending on weight and luggage.
  • Different bike geometry, depending on weight and luggage.
  • Loss of ground clearance depending on weight and luggage, unless suspension is manually adjusted before each ride.
  • Either a linear or progressive suspension spring. These can only be set for one set of parameters at a time. If the loading weights change between solo, passenger and/or luggage, the level can only be changed by adjusting the spring preload.

Wilbers LDC Nivomat Powered by ZF Ordering Information

LDC Nivomat Mono Shock Motorcycle Suspension

After intensive testing we are able to tell you whether the LDC Nivomat can be used individually or in the combination of the LDC Nivomat with ZERO friction fork springs and ZERO friction fork oil. The vehicle weight and luggage weight is not required when you order as the LDC system automatically compensates for any fluctuation.

  1. LDC Nivomat Mono € 799,-
  2. LDC Nivomat Mono Kit including 1 set of ZERO friction fork springs  and 1 litre ZERO friction fork oil   € 949,-

Available for many touring and and sport touring motorcycles.  Check our online store for availability.


LDC Nivomat Twin Shock

The Twin Shock Kit is an LDC Nivomat system combined with a Wilbers Ecoline shock absorber. The shock absorber comes in the colour Nightline and of course the necessary ZERO Friction fork springs and ZERO friction fork oil. When ordering, the LDC system automatically compensates for any weight fluctuation.

LDC Nivomat Twin Shock Kit – including 1 set of ZERO friction fork springs
and 2 litres ZERO friction fork oil*    € 1.299,-
– with 1 litre ZERO friction fork oil*     € 1.279,-
*depending on the vehicle model

Available for many Harley Davidson touring models.


LDC Nivomat for Big Enduros

It was only a matter of time until rally drivers like Marc Collins or Valentin Müller (Valle on Tour) asked us to develop an authentic rally suspension. We are still in development, but the celebrities are already enthusiastic. The highly durable LDC system at the rear and a WESA shock absorber in the front, keep the bike level at all times. Large and demanding tours through the desert, or around the globe, are no longer a technical challenge.

In these cases the maximum spring travel is proven to absorb the energy and protect the parts.

In order to ensure maximum spring travel and to keep the design of the system streamlined, we have housed the low-pressure chamber in an external container.

The LDC Nivomat for big Enduros is the current highlight of the cooperation of “Wilbers Powered by ZF”!

Self Leveling Shocks for Harley and BMW