Throughout the pandemic, getting out on the open road on your motorcycle has been one of the activities that has been freely open to everyone and safe to continue as normal. With motorcycles seeing a jump in new sales throughout the pandemic, and more and more people getting into the lifestyle, Wilbers has seen a surge in customer demand for their LDC Nivomat Shocks in particular.  

Whether it’s new riders making this upgrade for ease of use with a new motorcycle, or experienced riders taking the opportunity to add a tried and tested auto-adjusting shock system to their well-loved Harley Davidson, Wilbers has noticed the surge in customer demand and answered by increasing supply and availability for Nivomat Shocks. 

Experienced riders know how important it is to have the proper amount of sag in your suspension to maintain proper control when hitting bumps and cornering.  Some manufacturer suspension has adjustments from spring preload only, and typically changing that preload requires tools and maybe removing saddlebags to access the shock(s).  But, even if you take the time to increase spring preload, you might not have damping adjustments to increase along with the spring rate, and that can lead to an undamped ride which can hurt handling. 

A few motorcycles, (like certain BMWs) offer electronically controlled suspension that allows adjusting spring rates and damping with the push of a button, but it has never been feasible to retrofit that sort of capability to a motorcycle that was not built that way – UNTIL NOW! 

The Wilbers LDC Nivomat shock absorber system is fully automatic… no buttons to push, no knobs to turn…. Just get on the bike and ride, and within the first 1000 feet or so of riding the suspension will automatically sense the weight on board and pump itself back up to the optimal level of sag and damping.  If you have a passenger who gets off the bike, when you ride away the system will sense too little sag and then soften things back up again so you are always riding in perfect comfort and control.

This miraculous sounding system is actually based on technology that has been around for many years, called the ZF Nivomat system, and Wilbers has licensed that technology to apply it to motorcycle suspension.  Wilbers Premium Suspension is the only manufacturer of motorcycle shocks using this technology, and this is a logical extension of the Wilbers high performance motorcycle suspension product line.  

Motorcycle riders appreciate the no-fuss auto-adjustment the Wilbers Nivomat Shock systems provide. These shocks adjust automatically to suit the weight of one rider or a rider and passenger without requiring manual adjustment to change these settings for the different riding conditions. A rider can take their bike out solo one minute and ride with a passenger the next, all without making any adjustments to the bike as the Wilber’s Nivomat Shocks sense the changes in weight and make the adjustments to the suspension, firmness, and ride height automatically. 

LDC Nivomat Shocks come in both Mono and Twin options to fit your ride. The Mono Shock option is available for many touring and sport touring motorcycles, while the LDC Nivomat Twin Shock is available to suit many Harley Davidson touring models.  You can click here to learn more about the details of the Wilbers LDC Nivomat Shocks.