Wilbers LDC Nivomat Rear Motorcycle Shocks Free Shipping and T-Shirt Promotion

The LDC Nivomat Twin Shock Kit – including 1 set of ZERO friction fork springs, will dramatically upgrade the suspension on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. We also offer LDC Nivomat shocks for other motorcycle brands including BWM in twin or mono-shock configuration.

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  • The Wilbers LDC shock absorber is a fully automatic hydropneumatic leveling system which is self-activated based on the well-known technology of the ZF Nivomat system.
  • The rider does not have to manually adjust anything in this system.  The rear shocks of your motorcycle suspension will automatically adjust damping and sag as you you change the loading on your motorcycle by adding (or removing) luggage and / or a passenger.
  • The main advantage of the Wilbers LDC is its unique combination of the self-leveling function and the progressive action of the gas-spring and damping.
  • The leveling, the adjustment of the damping and the gas-spring are all housed in one unit. Activation and control of the unit happens mechanically and hydraulically.
  • The Wilbers LDC is activated and ready to go from the start.
  • There are no electronics or dials to turn to have fully optimized motorcycle suspension for your Harley, BMW and many other brands.
  • You can read more details and see videos on the Nivomat performance suspension details page. We also offer upgraded progressive fork springs to complement the enhanced rear suspension set up.
  • If you are considering shocks from Progressive Suspension, Ohlins shocks or motorcycle air suspension like a Harley air ride, make sure to investigate the LDC Nivomat shocks before you make your buying decision.
LDC Nivomat motorcycle shocks
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LDC Nivomat Twin Shock Motorcycle Suspension

The Twin Shock Kit is a LDC Nivomat system combined with a Wilbers Ecoline shock absorber. The shock absorber comes in the color Nightline and of course the necessary ZERO Friction fork springs and ZERO friction fork oil are part of the kit. When ordering, the LDC system automatically compensates for any weight fluctuation.

LDC Nivomat Twin Shock Kit – including 1 set of ZERO friction fork springs
and 2 liters ZERO friction fork oil* $ 2,338.00
– with 1 spring, 2 liters ZERO friction fork oil* $2,233.00
*depending on the vehicle model

Available for many Harley Davidson touring models.